Four continents in four days

1 10 2009

We got in at around 6am, and customs took forever. I was happy they didn’t make me pay for another Visa. The guy let my one from last year slide.

Siwele, the man we employ here, was waiting for us and we managed to cram all eight of our suitcases in his tiny car while leaving sufficient room for ourselves. We dropped off our stuff before heading to the bank and the store.

This afternoon the water went off, and the power was out from about 7:30-8:30, a typical evening occurrence in a country where the government chooses to sell power to neighboring nations during peak hours. Thankfully we had just finished making dinner: scrambled eggs and toast. So we ate by candlelight and played a rousing game of Scrabble before calling it a night.

It’s still a little surreal that I am here. Feeling so absolutely horrible for the 48 hours I was home robbed me of any chance I might have had to mentally prepare for these next steps. My mind has yet to catch up with my body. I trust that it will all work out, though.

I really like Siwele; he’s going to take good care of us while we are here.

Home away from home. Jumping in front of the Servie Center.

Home away from home. Jumping in front of the Servie Center.

Our room.

Our room.

Meet Siwele. He's great.

Meet Siwele. He's great.

Scrabble in the dark (I won).

Scrabble in the dark (I won).




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