I’m addicted to traveling. Nothing else challenges me, stretches me, and forces me to stop and think more than exploring the vast world beyond the everyday walls of my life. It’s a passion, a hobby, a need.

I love the feeling of boundaries collapsing as I visit new places, engage new cultures, and force myself to see the world through other people’s eyes. Witnessing the ever-present juxtaposition of beauty, goodness, and hope with sadness and despair never ceases to teach me and grow me. It’s an amazing feeling.

That’s why I made this blog. I always journal when I travel, but I wanted a different way to document various trip. It started with my second trip to Africa. My boss’ parting words were, “Mind the Light.” It’s good advice, and that’s what I’ll continue to try to do as I record my adventures and look back to trips from the past. Eventually, my goal is to post photos and corresponding journal entries from the last five years as well as staying up to date with any future trips. It will be an ongoing project, and it’s mostly meant as a means for personal reflection…but for now I’ll let it serve as a way to keep loved ones up-to-date as well.



6 responses

9 10 2009
Donna Eberle

Amy we are all so proud of you! Great pictures and stories.
Take care of yourself,
Donna Eberle

9 10 2009

Thanks, Donna!

11 10 2009
debbie do

sounds like Rapid City. Enjoy!

12 10 2009

I better see some retroactive posts about the-best-trip-ever (a.k.a New Zealand) on here some day. I’ll be watching…

12 10 2009

Oh, don’t you worry dude, it’ll be here. Did you see that I paid homage to it in my header?

3 11 2009


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