Mosquito nets and zombies

14 10 2009

One of our major accomplishments today was purchasing and installing mosquito nets. Ha! Take that, malaria!

This might not seem like a very big feat to some, but I’m currently suffering the consequences of receiving over 30 bug bites on each leg (no lie, I counted) in Peru. I think they somehow managed to damage my nerves because now, even three weeks later, my legs and feet continue to alternate between tingly, completely numb, and incredibly painful throughout the day. Needless to say, I’m more than a little wary of mosquitoes.

And, my other major triumph of the day: zombies. That was my 59 point word that clinched tonight’s Scrabble game.

Ah, just another day in Africa…




One response

15 10 2009

Wow…zombies! I better practice my speed Scrabble skills!

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