Inca Trail Day 1

21 09 2009

I didn’t get much sleep last night and I felt like crap this morning. Not the best way to start the hike.  The bus ride literally was hell. I thought I was going to puke the whole time.

We started out by going through a checkpoint where they verified our passports and then crossing the river on a suspension bridge. I could already tell that this was going to be so insanely gorgeous.

The first day on the trail was hard – mentally as much as physically. I think it would have been fine had I not been exhausted and sick, but those were the cards I had in my hand to play today. We took it pretty slow, and our guides stopped and explained things to us about various flowers, plants, etc.

When we reached our lunch spot I laid down on the ground which felt great. Then it started to rain so we all headed into the dining tent. Lunch looked good, although I was only able to partake in the soup. The Spanish ladies were all really nice and kept inquiring about my stomach all day.

It stopped raining before we headed out again, but right before we made it to our final campsite it started to rain pretty hard. Margo and I were in front so we stopped and waited under a little pavilion for Herbert – our other guide whom I think is equally awesome – and then continued on to camp. We ate dinner and pretty much cashed out after that.

Our group at the start of the trail

Our group at the start of the trail

The first bridge we crossed after the checkpoint

The first bridge we crossed after the checkpoint

Still feeling pretty good :)

Still feeling pretty good 🙂




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