The Sacred Valley

20 09 2009

We toured the Sacred Valley today. Even though it was cloudy, it was gorgeous. Margo and I didn’t feel like seeing any more ruins, so we mostly just had the opportunity to take in the scenery. The mountains are majestic, and driving down into the valleys was sweet.

It hit me today that my view of nature here has been impacted by the local culture. Incan culture still so permeates the lifestyles of people here that it is influencing my experience as well. It’s hard to look at a mountain or hear a river in the same way when you know the people around you don’t see it as a product of the Creator; rather, as a god in and of itself that deserves to be worshipped.  It took me awhile to put my finger on it, but once I acknowledged it my view slowly started to shift back to where it needed to be.

We ended up being late to our orientation for our hike because our bus was not on time. We walked in at the tail end and our guide, Simba, was talking so fast in Spanish my heart sank a little. The other members of our group – 4 ladies from Spain, 3 couples from Argentina, and 2 people from France, were asking questions and engaging with him.

Luckily, they all left and he repeated everything in English. I’m really excited about our hike (also insanely nervous about my ability to complete it). Simba is hilarious and it will be a lot of fun to spend the next four days with him.

 Unfortunately, the day ended on a sour note when I got back to the hostel and checked my email. There are certain things I would rather not deal with while in Peru (or ever, for that matter), but it appears as though some people are always going to choose to be insensitive and selfish. I’m just hoping I don’t let this taint the rest of my trip.

In Pisca, the first stop in the Sacred Valley

In Pisca, the first stop in the Sacred Valley

Another view of the valley with ruins in the background

Another view of the valley with ruins in the background




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