I love Latin culture

19 09 2009

At breakfast, we talked to two guys from England. One of them had been traveling around for the past year and had spent the past three months in South America. The other was just hanging out until he felt inclined to go back.

Independently of each other, they asked us what we did, and when I told them they both nodded and said, “Ah, yes, something meaningful, that’s good.” It’s interesting to get other people’s perspectives on things like that.

After receiving less-than-ideal directions for catching the bus, we realized that our plans for going to Chinchero had been foiled.  Margo, being ever-more patient than I, helped me keep things in perspective.  We chatted with our friend at the tour agency across from our hostel (he is helping me with my Spanish) and decided to take a tour of the Sacred Valley tomorrow. That settled, we took it easy in Cusco all day.

 We grabbed lunch at Moni’s Café (the pumpkin soup was delicious) and then just hung out. We did some shopping etc., but mostly just relaxed. It was nice. We hung out in the Plaza again in the afternoon and played Name that Nationality. Eventually a 17 year-old came up and tried to sell us art and ended up staying and talking for awhile. He called himself Pablo Picasso. He kept asking how to say words in English, and helped me learn new things in Spanish.

 Chez Meggy was an interesting experience for dinner. Our waiter walked a very fine line between creepy and funny. Despite his several inappropriate comments, he was also patient and willing to help me with my Spanish.

 Today it hit me again why I love traveling so much. Not only is it an opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture, but I love getting different perspectives on life and learning from others – mainly people who think so much differently than me. It doesn’t hurt that I am obsessed with Latin culture, of course.

Hanging out in the Plaza

Hanging out in the Plaza

Relaxing at a cafe

Relaxing at a cafe




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